U.S. soccer star Becky Sauerbrunn is among those delighted to see the women's national team featured in the latest edition of EA Sports' FIFA video game.

"The fact that my team is in a game just shows how far women's sports in general have come in America," Sauerbrunn says.

EA launched its FIFA series in 1993, but the version that was released two months ago was the first with female players. It has 12 international teams, and the USWNT has been a huge hit.

"If you take the U.S. Women as a singular team and you look at the 600 teams you can play with on a global basis, not just in the U.S., the U.S. Women, they're actually the 23rd-most played team around the world in FIFA 16, which is a stunning statistic," EA Sports COO Peter Moore said last month.

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