Getafe C.F. Dating App

Getafe C.F. is a small Spanish soccer club based in the Madrid metropolitan area. Since 2004-05, the club has maintained a spot in La Liga, Spain's first division, but attendance is a fraction of its local rivals. Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid averaged 73,081 and 46,603 fans, respectively, in 2014-15. Getafe averaged 7,753.

The club has a strategy to change that. On Facebook Tuesday, Getafe teased a new Tinder-like app designed for the club's supporters.


Porque el humor nunca nos ha faltado"GETAFINDER"

Posted by Getafe C.F., S.A.D. on Tuesday, October 13, 2015

"Getafinder" is made to match club fans together and draw them to the 17,700-seat Coliseum Alfonso Pérez. The Getafinder ad takes place inside the stadium.

There are some odd, potentially uncomfortable moments in the video. The final slogan is "Siendo más, seremos más grandes." This translates to "The more of us there are, the bigger we will be."

Eurosport says Getafinder "is an attempt to encourage fans to 'reproduce among ourselves so there will be more of us.'" Well, that is one way to solve the attendance issue. Real Madrid, are you encouraging your fans to be fruitful and multiply?

The description on the Facebook post is "Porque el humor nunca nos ha faltado," which in English, means, "Because the mood has never failed us."

Multiple American teams have hosted Tinder nights the past two years, and the dating app hit its stride at the Olympics. At least Getafe is not going down the Ashley Madison-themed road, as the Atlanta Hawks are doing.

Getafe finished 15th in 2014-15, narrowly avoiding relegation. After seven league matches this season, the club is in 14th with seven points.

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