Franco Harris jokes about his draft-day memory now. Back in 1972, the NFL draft was decades from becoming primetime entertainment on multiple networks. Harris only learned that the Steelers had picked him in the first round when a team official phoned him. His reaction?


At the time, who could blame him? The Steelers had made only one playoff appearance in franchise history -- a loss in 1947.

"But it worked out OK," Harris says with a laugh.

Starting with Harris' rookie season of 1972, Pittsburgh went to the playoffs for eight consecutive years and won four Super Bowls. Harris was MVP of Super Bowl IX and went into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1990. When Harris retired after the 1984 season, he ranked third on the NFL's all-time rushing list behind Jim Brown and Walter Payton.

Since then, he has remained in Pittsburgh and worked in different businesses. His latest project is AdeNation, a sports drink that is formulated for the body to easily absorb.

"You do see players, watching on television or even being at a game, having to leave the game because of cramps or other factors related to dehydration," Harris says.

"So it's very important that you stay properly hydrated."

Check out the video above for our conversation with Harris about AdeNation and his memories of classic Steeler moments, such as the Immaculate Reception.

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