Floyd Mayweather's presence in Houston is felt. In the lead-up to the Super Bowl, Mayweather's The Money Team bought a series of billboards in Space City.

The world now also knows Mayweather is here for a famous friend playing in the game: Tom Brady.

"I spoke to Tom Brady yesterday," Mayweather told ThePostGame's David Katz on Friday. "He said that he's still got one more game to win. He said, 'It's not over.'"

Brady and Mayweather are two of the most recognized athletes in the world and have a well-publicized history together. Brady FaceTimed Mayweather before his 2015 mega-fight with Manny Pacquiao and Brady attended the actual fight, a Mayweather victory. Mayweather also bet $100,000 on "Tom Brady" during a 2012 Patriots game versus the Titans.

According to Mayweather, he and Brady are more than just acquaintances.

"Yes, I'm friends with Tom Brady," he says. "Tom Brady is an unbelievable quarterback. He's an unbelievable athlete. I think that this is a very good matchup. You couldn't choose a better matchup in 2017. You couldn't choose a better city than Houston, Texas, for the Super Bowl."

Mayweather spoke to ThePostGame at Change Happens, a non-profit social services organization in Houston's Third Ward. Along with Cleveland Browns head coach Hue Jackson and Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Williams Jackson III, Mayweather talked with local children about how to achieve their dreams.

The 39-year-old five-division world champion is partnering with Texas venture capitalist Darren Blanton, co-founder of Moblze Foundation, which builds Urban Empowerment Centers in inner city neighborhoods. Mayweather and Blanton recently co-authored a piece on Fox News, entitled, "It's Time To Really Help America's Inner Cities."

"A change is going to happen, a change is going to come," Mayweather says.

Using the foundation's tagline, Mayweather drew a cheer from the Change Happens staff. He'll draw more cheers in the future. Mayweather promised the children Friday would not be the final time he visits the service center. His work with Moblze is just beginning.

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