So what's stronger? Sports allegiance or political persuasion?

Or to put it in another way: Would you stop supporting your favorite team because the owner is supporting, at least your view, the wrong candidate?

If you ever had any doubts on which way your local owners lean politically, WNYC has documented how they are spending their money so far this election cycle. Here are some interesting revelations from the station's research into the political contributions of owners in the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB:

-- Owners from these four leagues have given $1,992,050 to 2012 national election efforts. Republican committees and Mitt Romney received nearly $1.25 million of that.
-- Braves owner Gregory Maffei was the largest single donor with $157,500 to Romney and various Republican groups.
-- The Dodgers have given the most as a team, with four owners, including Magic Johnson, totaling nearly $180,000 in contributions to President Obama's re-election.

WNYC also created this cool searchable map and chart that can be filtered by league and political party to see who is donating what to whom: