It's almost TEBOW-TIIIIIME again, and man have people have been stocking up on their related essentials. According to a tweet from CNBC business reporter Darren Rovell, "Every hour, there are 40 eBay auctions featuring some Tebow item concluding."

When you search "Tim Tebow" on eBay, make sure you have some time to fish through the 183 pages of search results. According to an eBay media relations representative, the top three most popular Tebow related items are ...

1. Football cards
2. "What Would Tebow Do" wristbands
3. T-shirts

Tebow jerseys come in fourth. The T-shirts themselves are creative -- everything from a Broncos shirt with the No. 15 on the back with the name "JESUS" above it, to the more clever insertion of Tebow into famous lyrics with "Every Day I'm Tebowin'" shirt.

But don't think the Tebow-ness stops at just the best-selling items. Starting at just $12.99, you can bid for your own Tim Tebow dollar bill! Or if you need to decorate your walls, you can get a Tim Tebow-as-Superman poster, that reads "In Tebow We Trust," or you can go for the more straightforward "full head window cling sticker decal," which, as you might expect, is just a giant decal of Timmy T's head.

There's a Tim Tebow football card with a picture of Jesus holding a football on it, there are "Tebow For President" buttons, Tebow poker chips, Tebow skins for your Droid, laptop or Wii remote control, and there's a custom-made action figure of No. 15 actually Tebowing. (That one, though, already has 10 bids and is up to $60).

If you're looking for some fancy jewelry for your classy Tebow-themed party on Saturday night, there are some earrings (featuring a Bronco in the background with a Tebowing Tim upfront), which you can then match nicely with your blue and orange Broncos-themed charm bracelet, which comes with a cross and a charm that says "BELIEVE," starting at $25.99.

For the foodies out there, there are Tebow cake toppers, and my personal favorite, the Tebow-themed candy wrapper: A Hershey's wrapper with a picture of Tebow on the back, and with nutrition facts that say: "Faith: 100% Hope: 100%, Believe: 100%." So now, even when you're stuffing your face with candy, you can still feel pure and wonderful about yourself, because remember: Tebow approves!

And in case you sent really boring, bland Christmas cards this year, you can start stocking up for next December now. Starting at $99, you can have your own personal Tim Tebow Christmas cards, which feature a Timmy who is Tebowing right over Baby Jesus in his manger. Better grab those fast -- only 346 days till next Christmas. Although, if he beats the Patriots on Saturday night, I'm pretty sure those Christmas cards might be edited to replace the picture of Baby Jesus with Baby Tim Tebow.

So have some fun searching through eBay for your necessary Tim items -- and wake me up when it's Tebow Time.

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