Some days, it's easy to rue the moment that base jumpers, skydivers and wingsuit jumpers first discovers helmet-mounted cameras. The barrage of footage on the Internet showcasing the sights and sounds from thousands of feet above the surface of the Earth have somewhat desensitized the rest of us to the extreme death-defying acts.

Not this time, though. This footage is staggeringly breathtaking, and heart-stopping to no end. The number of times wingsuit jumpers Vincent Descols and Rodolphe Cassan come perilously close to clipping cliffs and mountain tops will knot up your throat by the end.

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It's obviously necessary to make sure you realize how dangerous making a video like this is, and that it requires a vital amount of training (as if you're already halfway up the nearest hillside with a blanket sewn to your favorite sweater).

That said, it has to be an incomparable rush to shoot down a mountain side as all of its peaks and valleys as you fly alongside a shadow that you could reach out and touch.

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