The Penn State scandal only seems to get more haunting by the day. What started out as unthinkable only gets more so as accounts emerge of short-sighted adults failing to protect helpless children. The latest report, once again delivered by the Patriot-News, is horrifying.

Jerry Sandusky's attorney says one of two new cases of alleged sexual abuse under investigation by Children and Youth Services in Pennsylvania was made by someone in Sandusky's family.

The investigation launched after Sandusky's arrest, yet the charges involve incidents that purportedly took place before Sandusky was indicted Nov. 4. He was charged with 40 sex crimes against boys. The Patriot-News is withholding the child's relationship to Sandusky, who has maintained his innocence.

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"If these two cases are found to be credible," writes Sara Ganim, who has broken several stories about the alleged victims and their families, "they would be the first known cases to be reported since Sandusky's arrest that would involve children. All of the other young men who came forward to the grand jury and since indictments were handed down are now over 18."

Sandusky and his wife since 1966, Dorothy, never had children of their own. They have six adopted children and took in foster kids.

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