Before you ask, Hydroplane racing is an intense, exciting and dangerous sport, with boats capable of reaching speeds up to 200 miles per hour.

And hydroplane racer Kayleigh Perkins is no stranger to danger.

Earlier this year she was forced to leap for her life into Lake Washington after her boat exploded in a flash of flames.

Then, in the final heat of the Unlimited Lights hydroplane racing in Seattle, on Sunday, Perkins' UL-72 flipped upside down and went airborne. Rescue divers pulled her out of the overturned cockpit and brought her back to shore, where she waved to cameras from a gurney. After a quick check by medics, she was seen walking back to the pits.

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Despite a rough start to the race, Perkins had moved all the way up to second place and closing in in first when her boat flipped.

While the excitement of Perkins' near-catastrophe was turning heads, Dave Villwock, the sports' winningest driver and national high points leader, Steve David, the winner of last year's Searfair final, and rookie Scott Liddycoat still had the final race to run.

After Villwock (racing in the U-96 Spirit of Qatar) had already beat David (racing in the U-1 Oh Boy! Oberto) twice in heat racing, only the Seafair Final, a five lap, winner-takes-all race remained.

Villwock got out to a good start but ran into some rough water in the first turn. He was then pushed outside a bit by rookie Scott Liddycoat (racing in the U-7, which allowed David to move ahead in lane one.

David lengthened his lead as the laps went on as Villwock and Liddycoat continued to spar.

In the end, David took the Searfair final for the second consecutive year.

"We won!" he said on KIRO-TV. "The guys gave me a fantastic boat. The Oberto guys never gave up on me."