Every wrestler needs a signature move. Something that both creates and sustains a persona.

The Undertaker had the Tombstone Piledriver. The Rock had The People's Elbow. Hulk Hogan had the Atomic Leg Drop. This guy, whoever he is, has the Grenade Throw of Destruction*.

*Or at least that's what we imagine it would be called.

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This is top shelf work by the wannabe superstars, and by top shelf, we mean completely unconvincing.

However: the crowd ate it up, chanting "That Was Awesome!" And if you've got the crowd in the palm of your hand as a pro wrestler, you've got a little of what it takes to be the next superstar. Granted, these dudes are a long way from getting Vince McMahon's attention -- especially with that pasty midsection flab -- but a little YouTube buzz isn't a bad start.

And a "grenade" trick never hurts, either.