Jacob Tucker needs your help in the fight against gravity.

Though, in truth, gravity probably has more issues with Tucker than the other way around.

Tucker, a 5-foot-11 senior guard at Illinois College, is a prolific dunker playing on a not-so-prolific stage. He wants to change that. He wants a shot at something bigger: The 2011 NCAA Slam Dunk Contest.

And if his YouTube video is any evidence, he has a case:

It’s hard not to be impressed with the vast array of dunks on display in the video, and there are so many that one can’t help but wonder what Tucker will have left up his sleeve if he does make it to the NCAA dunk contest. But don’t you want to find out?

He’s become such a web sensation that Jim Rome proclaimed that the NCAA dunk contest needs Tucker more than Tucker needs the contest, and a Facebook group devoted to his campaign is already creeping toward 2,000 members.

Maybe that’s not enough for you. Maybe you’ll only be happy if Tucker headlines SportsCenter’s Top 10.

If that’s the case, watch the video. Join the Facebook group. "Like" his highlight video on ESPN SportsNation's Facebook page Join the movement and give the assist to the short guard with big dreams.

Tucker and his gift of flight will take care of the rest.