Odell Beckham Jr. has been suspended one game by the NFL, thanks to his violent behavior against Carolina's Josh Norman on Sunday.

The fallout of his absence cannot be understated. Not only does it cripple the New York Giants in a must-win matchup with the Vikings, but it puts Beckham Jr.'s fantasy owners in a terrible position as they battle for playoff glory.

Next weekend's games will serve as the semifinal or championship match for virtually every fantasy football league, and every team that had been counting on Beckham Jr. now faces the task of replacing one of the league's best fantasy wideouts.

Beckham has taken a social-media beating as fans agonized over their loss.

Not everyone's upset about this news, though. People who were slated to face OBJ next weekend are thrilled. Other people are just happy to watch the world burn:

Every year there seems to be a pivotal football player whose injury or awful performance train-wrecks the hopes of many fantasy owners. Last year it was Andrew Luck's come-from-nowhere disaster. This year, blame OBJ's unbridled rage.

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