Shane Buechele

After a series of poor seasons, Texas needed some sort of luck this year to get the ball rolling. That has come in the form of freshman quarterback Shane Buechele, who has been dubbed a "miracle baby."

As the story goes, Buechele's father, Steve, an MLB player for 11 seasons and currently the Rangers' bench coach, got a vasectomy six months after his fourth child was born.

Or so he thought. The Dallas Morning News explains (for context, John Elway and Steve Buechele were roommates at Stanford):

"Six months after Amber's birth, Nancy, feeling symptoms, took an in-home pregnancy test. Uh-oh. Steve was in Colorado, playing in [John] Elway's annual charity golf tournament, so Nancy hauled her four age-7-and-under kids to her doctor's office to take a blood test.

"Over the next few hours, Nancy and Steve played phone tag. When she finally reached him, her first words were, 'You're going back to Dr. Rick.'

"To this day, Elway teases Steve that he should have known Shane would be a quarterback by the way he 'snuck in.'"

Ah, good one, John. Anyway, Shane was a two-time all-state star at Lamar High School in Arlington. Buechele became the first quarterback since Bobby Layne in 1944 to start the season opener for the Longhorns as a true freshman when he took the field against Notre Dame on Sunday. The Longhorns won 50-47 in double-overtime, and Buechele went 16-of-26 for 280 yards, two touchdowns and one interception. He also rushed for 33 yards and a touchdown.

Along with Elway, Dr. Rick has jokes.

"Rick and Kristel Carter, though, never forgot. For years, the running joke was that the doctor and his wife would help pay Shane's college tuition.

"But wouldn't you know it? The Carters are Longhorns fans. Two of their kids went to Texas. Now the Carters jokingly wonder if they should get a kickback."

Steve and Nancy told Shane and his siblings (all Oklahoma fans, by the way) about the failed vasectomy about two years ago. Shane met Dr. Rick at brother Garrett's wedding and shook the doctor's hand.

"Thank you very much," he said.

That's a thank you from Shane Buechele and much of Texas. Charlie Strong owes Dr. Rick a drink.

This also obviously means Antonio Cromartie's last kid is going to be a star.

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