Shaquille O'Neal

Wrestlemania 32 kicked its show high gear Sunday night, thanks to a little fuel boost from The Big Diesel.

The participants of the third annual Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal thought the field was set until the final competitor made a fashionable late entrance. NBA star, actor, rapper, philosopher, police officer and now-professional wrestler Shaquille O'Neal came storming into the ring.

Shaq exhibits clear animosity for Big Show, and the announcers reference a confrontation the two had with each other a few years back. Before the two can engage with each other, they perform a double-choke slam on Kane.

Big Show made Fandango the first wrestler eliminated from the Battle Royal before Shaq knocked out Damien Sandow.

Unfortunately for Shaq and Big Show, they became the third and fourth wrestlers eliminated from the event.

But folks, don't fret. Shaq has already asked Vince McMahon for a rematch.

How about Shaq rocking the old Reeboks?

In terms of the actual Battle Royal, Kane stormed back to make the final two, but he was knocked out by champion Baron Corbin.

The rest of the wrestling world should start prepping for next year's Wrestlemania. A new career may be in Shaq's future.

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