Jared Goff

How did potential No. 1 overall pick Jared Goff spend his final night before becoming property of an NFL franchise? He hung out at Nike Chicago, where he spoke on a panel moderated by ESPN's Adam Schefter with Chicago Bears running back Jeremy Langford and fellow prospects Carson Wentz and Ezekiel Elliott. He also analyzed game film brought the team from Al Raby High School. And he chatted with ThePostGame on everything from nearly coming back to Cal for one more season to growing up a 49ers fan to revealing his suit for draft night.

ThePostGame: What are you doing tonight?
JARED GOFF: I'm going to see family and friends, all on the bus or limo. I'm going to go to dinner. I got some of my best friends in town and we'll probably hang out at the hotel.

Jared Goff

TPG: It's the night before the NFL Draft and you were critiquing high school film a few minutes ago. How relaxed are you?
GOFF: Very. I'm excited. I'm ready to go, ready to get it over with.

TPG: What's the weirdest question you've been asked during this process?
GOFF: One team asked me to name a famous linebacker, No. 56, and most people that are old enough would say Lawrence Taylor, but I've never seen him play, so I didn't know he was No. 56.

TPG: Have you done research on Lawrence Taylor since then?
GOFF: Not much.

TPG: What are you doing on Draft Day?
GOFF: I really don't know. I know I'm waking up and I've got some events to do. I'm done around noon. I'll hang out with some friends and family, get my nice suit on.

TPG: You mention all these events. When did it hit you that you're a professional and you get paid to be at these things?
GOFF: It really hasn't. The whole thing hasn't really hit me yet. I think it will tomorrow when you walk across the stage. I think when I started training, I started to feel a bit like a professional. You kind of customize your workout to cater you. When you're in college, you did it this one way, but when you're a professional, you do what you get to do and what you need to work on.

TPG: What's the best advice a professional has given you?
GOFF: Enjoy the process because it only happens once.

TPG: Who are some of the prospects you've gotten close with in this draft process?
GOFF: Carson [Wentz], we trained together, and we're going through a similar process as quarterbacks. My roommate in training was Nick Vannett, another guy I trained with was Nelson Spruce, Joe Dahl, all the guys I trained with, kept in touch with. I'm excited to see where they go as well.

TPG: What team did you grow up rooting for?
GOFF: 49ers.

Jared Goff NFL Combine

TPG: Who was your favorite player?
GOFF: Probably Jeff Garcia.

GOFF: Hah, yeah, him or Joe Montana, but I wasn't really old enough to see Montana. He's like my all-time.

TPG: Do you remember seeing any Steve Young?
GOFF: I do. A little bit before my time, but yeah.

TPG: You see the 49ers [at No. 7]. Is there any sort of bias for where you go?
GOFF: (Shrug)

TPG: I'm sure you've been asked a variation of that question a number of times.
GOFF: (Laughs) I don't know what they think I'm going to answer with.

TPG: Who are some wide receivers you admire, not necessarily who you want to play with, but who you enjoy watching help quarterbacks?
GOFF: The first guy that comes to my mind right now is Larry Fitzgerald. He's the ultimate professional. I don't know him, but from what I've heard, he's very professional and does his business the right way and handles everything off the field the correct way.

TPG: People talk about the Pac-12 as a conference only the West Coast sees. Do you feel like East Coast fans don't know who you are?
GOFF: No. I know we play games late at night on the East Coast, but at the same, I don't really mind if they don't see or know me. It's part of playing on the West Coast.

Jared Goff Cal Golden Bears

TPG: Was there ever a consideration of coming back for one more year at Cal?
GOFF: Yes, there was. For a long time. I knew though. I knew for at least half the season probably, but for a long time, I wasn't sure.

TPG: What is the most common misconception of Jared Goff?
GOFF: That I listen to Taylor Swift all the time.

TPG: Is that not true?
GOFF: It got blown out of proportion. I have listened to her music and it's on my iPod, but it's not like I'm getting pumped up in pregame to it.

TPG: So, if you go second and someone else goes first, are you going to step on stage and say, "Roger Goodell, Imma let you finish, but…"
GOFF: (Laughs) No. That would be funny, but no.

TPG: I know your outfit is probably hidden and there's a million dollars on you not letting it out ...
GOFF: I'll tell you what it is. I'm wearing a Giorgio Armani suit. It's navy blue. And I'm wearing a white shirt and a navy blue and yellow tie.

Jared Goff Nike

TPG: How'd you go about picking that?
GOFF: I have a friend who works for them and I was able to set something up with them and they did a fabulous job and I'm very excited.

TPG: What are you doing Thursday night after you get drafted?
GOFF: (Laughs) I don't know. We'll see. I'll eat dinner with my family and then hang out with my friends.

TPG: In terms of Nike, does this feel like a long time coming, actually getting paid to represent the brand?
GOFF: Oh, it's crazy. You grow up wearing Nike your whole life, and then being paid to represent them and being able to say you're a Nike athlete, and you're sponsored by Nike, is really a cool thing. They're the brand of all brands, growing up, that's what everyone wants to be with, and to be able to make it a reality is really awesome. It really didn't hit me until my friends were like, "Dude, you're sponsored by Nike." At the time, it was like, I signed the deal, I'm happy about it. But it's a big deal. It's cool.

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