Drake, Reggie Miller

Drake's sports fandom is well-documented. He loves the NBA, he loves Toronto sports and he sprinkles sports references all over his music.

Drake fans also know his best sport is ping pong.

Drizzy met his match in five-time NBA All-Star Reggie Miller. In a best-of-three showdown (games to 21 points), Drake took the first game, 21-16. Miller annihilated Drake, 21-8, in the second game, before a riveting rubber match at NBA All-Star Weekend.

On his home Toronto turf, Drake led 18-12 in Game 3. Canada had the title in its grasp, but surprise, surprise: Miller dug in for a late miracle.

"As I looked across the table, I started to see Spike Lee," Miller said.

Miller knotted the match at 19-19 before closing Drake out, 21-19.

"This is the most devastating moment of the last few years for me," Drake said.

Drake and Miller announced they will have a rematch during the Western Conference Finals. In the meantime, the belt stays with Miller, south of the border.

Marv Albert called the action at Real Sports Bar & Grill in Toronto. Charles Barkley, Shaquille O'Neal, LeBron James, Kenny Smith, Ernie Johnson and Isiah Thomas were all in attendance.

Barkley said to Miller: "Reggie, I just want to thank you for representing the United States well."

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