Jordan Clarkson, Kobe Bryant and Nick Young

Playing Phoenix yesterday, Jordan Clarkson committed this act of violence against the Suns' Alex Len:

But that dunk meant so much more for the Lakers. Kobe Bryant, 37, had been egging on the 23-year-old Clarkson.

Meanwhile, Nick Young needed CPR after Clarkson's slam.

Take that, Monmouth bench.

On the topic of Swaggy P, he says he will prep for the Lakers' next game against the Warriors by the listening to Kanye West's "Facts."

The Lakers actually won their third straight game, 97-77 over the Suns, without Bryant, who missed his second straight game with a sore right shoulder. Clarkson had 12 points, but it was Louis Williams leading the way with 30 points.

Bryant's advice to Clarkson could be taken as a chirp at Larry Nance, Jr., a high-flying rookie who is half-black and half-white. However, Nance couldn't be mad Sunday after the Lakers sang happy birthday to him.

Clarkson is half-black and half-Filipino, and he plays for the Philippines National Team, so that explains some of Kobe's rationale.

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