Baby Birdman

Noah Cutler hasn't been playing basketball all that long, but he's already drawing some impressive comparisons to a certain NBA star blowing away the league.

In the Instagram video below, Cutler displays incredible ball-handling skills, a soft touch around the hoop, and a sweet shooting stroke reminiscent of Golden State's Stephen Curry. Cutler isn't shy about the connection: His mother's Instagram post tags Curry directly.

And in fairness, the similarities are almost uncanny.

Cutler is starting to draw some serious media attention for his basketball prowess. According to his father's Facebook page, the boy has heard from ESPN, The Ellen Show, USA Today and GQ, all of which are interested in interviewing Noah or doing another piece.

And apparently the Golden State Warriors have also requested his contact information, although it's unclear what they might want to do with it.

Maybe a side-by-side NBA skills challenge? Whatever happens, Cutler seems to have earned his nickname: Baby Chef Curry.

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