Lake Forest

Your coach always told you to play to the whistle. Two inglorious high school teams offer a sobering reminder of why that's good advice.

Even more amazing, those teams blew a sure victory in the exact same way: By celebrating after a blocked field goal while the opposing team won the game.

In both cases, the teams forgot that a ball blocked after a field goal attempt is still live when it's behind the line of scrimmage. Lake Forest High School in Delaware thought it'd lost the game when its opponent, Delmar, blocked a chip shot.

The Delmar squad then sprints down the field, away from a football sitting live and untouched on the ground. The kicker casually picks up the ball and trots completely unnoticed into the end zone.

Meanwhile, in Ohio, the Boardman Spartans attempted a 29-yard chip shot to win the game. Boardman trailed 14-12.

Then the Warren G. Harding Raiders blocked it. The Raiders ran off to celebrate what they thought was a two-point win.

FG Block

But just like the game in Delaware, the one of the players from the kicking team scoops up the ball and runs for a touchdown. Boardman won 18-14.

The Harding error is more surprising because its players should have reacted to several Spartans scrambling to grab the loose ball.

Let this be a lesson: Play to the whistle. Also, know the rules of the game you're playing.

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