Hold the ketchup please.

When it comes to seasoning his french fries, NFL Hall of Famer Eric Dickerson prefers a combination of condiments with some more pop.

"I pour almost all the pepper on it -- with hot sauce," Dickerson says. "It looks crazy. People can't believe it. But I just like spicy food."

Dickerson is bringing that zesty sensibility to the menu that he has created for Rocco's Tavern, which has several locations around Los Angeles.

"I just wanted to bring something a little different to the sports bars," he says.

The 2105 Wings, a nod to his NFL single-season rushing record, feature garlic pepper and fresh jalapenos. The 29 Burger, an homage to his jersey number, has spicy mustard. And the Pony Express Pizza, a reference to his college days at SMU, is topped with jalapenos, sausage and pepperoni.

"I like spicy food a lot, and I know everyone doesn't," Dickerson says. "You don't have to have the jalapenos if you don't want it, but I like spicy food."

Check out the video above for more from Dickerson, including why he loves shrimp so much and whether he has a preference between Tabasco and Sriracha.

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