Elvis Dumervil wore No. 58 in college at Louisville because his first name has five letters and his last name has eight. The Cardinals have since honored the number after he recorded 151 tackles and 32 sacks.

Dumervil played the first seven years of his professional career in Denver wearing No. 92. When he signed with the Ravens in 2013, No. 92 was taken by Haloti Ngata, so Dumervil went back to No. 58.

To honor the number that has brought him good fortune, Dumervil is working with the New Story Charity. He traveled to Haiti, the homeland of his mother's side of the family, to build 58 houses. Mission of Hope is helping select families to move into the structures, and 24 became occupied the past weekend.

Elvis Dumervil

Dumervil pulled his grandmother out of Haiti in January 2010, days before a 7.0-magnitude earthquake devastated the nation. Dumervil immediately went on national television asking others to donate to Haiti.

"I don't know how much was actually given to those people, but not all of it," Dumervil tells ESPN. "Now I'm in a position with my own capital resources to negotiate with certain people and make sure that I can put action to my words and start doing things from my standpoint before asking people for money and help for the cause."

Dumervil has a goal to build 250 homes for $6,500 each. So far, 58 at $6,500 has drawn $377,000 out of his pocket.

Dumervil grew up in Little Haiti in Miami, and he says some of the sights on Haitian soil remind him of the close quarters he grew up in.

"Going [to Haiti] really brought up a lot of memories from my childhood that I really don't talk about a lot," Dumervil says. "My mom taught me, 'In life, you don't feel sorry for yourself. If you want something, you have to earn it.'"

There are more than 50 current NFL players of Haitian descent, including Cliff Avril, who brought Marshawn Lynch and Stephen Tulloch on a charity trip to rebuild schools this past April.

Dumervil and the Ravens shared the experience on social media:

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