Dwyane Wade, LeBron James

LeBron James may be on pace to be a billionaire one day, but that doesn't mean he's loose with his money. You can't make money when you're spending it, you know.

No, the Cavaliers star is careful with how he spends his riches. How careful? According to his best friend, he's as cheap as any guy you'll see in the NBA.

After hosting Live With Kelly on Wednesday, Wade went backstage with Kelly and dished on his buddy -- and Wade's wife, Gabrielle Union, quickly confirmed it was true.

Apparently James is such a penny-pincher, he won't use his cell phone data when he's not connected to Wi-Fi. That comes straight from Wade and Union, who just returned from a vacation with The King.

Notice the utter lack of hesitation. You might remember, a young LeBron James once courted billionaire Warren Buffett for advice on how to grow his fortune. Once again, that's LeBron taking financial advice from a guy who was worth more than $40 billion, but still felt the need to cut his own hair.

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