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Cleveland Cavaliers: LeBron James

The Cavaliers' best dunker is no surprise. Built like a freight train, with freakish leaping ability, LeBron has repeatedly dunked on opponents his entire career. Even though he is showing small signs of aging, the King still strikes fear in the eyes of defenders with his ability to attack the rim.

-- Freak of Nature
-- Great body control
-- Ambidextrous

*Honorable Mention: J.R. Smith
J.R. Smith definitely could have beat out LeBron in previous years, but he hasn't shown us enough recently to overthrow the King.

Chicago Bulls: Derrick Rose

Despite his injuries, Rose is still the best dunker on the Chicago Bulls. He is one of the most gifted leapers to ever play in the NBA. He explodes to the rim, and is able to adjust his dunks in mid-air due to his tremendous hang-time.

-- Explosive
-- Springy
-- Creative

*Honorable Mention: Jimmy Butler

Milwaukee Bucks: Giannis Antetokounmpo

The "Greek Freak" nickname speaks for itself. Antetokounmpo's long arms and athletic ability enable him to finish over defenders with relative ease. Despite a poor showing in the NBA Slam Dunk Contest last year, his in-game dunks are more than enough to put him at number one on the Bucks.

-- Long
-- Agile
-- Agressive

Indiana Pacers: Paul George

George is back from a career-jeopardizing injury, and he is already looking close to his old self out on the court. His height and athleticism make him one of the fiercest dunkers in the NBA, combining fancy tricks with debilitating posters.

-- Versatile
-- Strong Finisher
-- Flashy

Detroit Pistons: Andre Drummond

Although they lack a stand-out, high-flying dunker, the Pistons have a powerhouse in Andre Drummond. He is becoming one of the best players in the league, and he isn't shy about putting defenders on his highlight reel. Just ask Serge Ibaka.

-- Too Big
-- Too Strong
-- Too Talented

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