Dude Perfect

The trick shot artists at Dude Perfect are creative people. They've set records for longest one-handed catch (with Odell Beckham Jr.), established the accepted stereotypes for a pickup basketball game, and played paintball in a world made of bubble wrap.

For their latest trick, the group decided to break the record for the world's highest basketball shot. They broke a bunch of other world records, too, like longest-blind-folded hook shot, world's longest basketball shot (made with your head) and world's longest front flip trampoline shot.

For all the records, watch the whole video. For only the world's highest basketball shot, start at 6:26:

The shot came from Oklahoma City's Chase Tower, also known as Cotter Ranch Tower. Some quick background on the tower can be found before the shot, at 4:23 in the video.

The Guinness World Records officially marks Dude Perfect's shot at 533 feet high.

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