LeBron James

Like the rest of us, Magic Johnson loves the original Space Jam movie. But he thinks LeBron is the right guy to star in the sequel.

And if James plays his cards right, he might even be able to surpass Michael Jordan's performance.

It sounds like blasphemy to die-hard fans of the original, but Magic made the comments to TMZ while out in Los Angeles. He didn't make it sound like a cakewalk, but he seems confident a James-led sequel could do the franchise justice.

"Well, he's gonna have to top [Jordan], but he'll do good," Johnson tells TMZ.

It's unclear when shooting for the Space Jam sequel will take place, although it's unlikely to happen before the next offseason. A script is still being written, and James has planning of his own to take care of before production can commence.

But details are slowly starting to come together, such as the recent revelation that Cavaliers teammate J.R. Smith might get a shot at a small role in the movie.

Whatever happens, James is under intense pressure to put together a sequel that lives up to the original. Magic Johnson doesn't seem worried, but other Space Jam fans are non-committal.

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