Darron Lee

Darron Lee's name was called, he strolled up to the stage at the NFL Draft, and he pulled off those moves that sports fans have come recognize so well in the past few weeks.

That was the tipping point: We can't ignore the #RunningManChallenge anymore.

For those who remain unaware: the #RunningManChallenge is a short dance sequence performed to the tune of "My Boo," a 1995 song by Ghost Town DJs. Dancers keep their arms in close and do a sort of running-dance action -- actually, it's better if first-round draft pick Darron Lee demonstrates:

Some have credited college basketball players as the originators of this new dance craze. But the #RunningManChallenge originated from a single Instagram video published by 11.oo7, who claims credit as its creator.

That video was published in January. But it arrived in the sports world in March, when Maryland Terrapins basketball players Jared Nickens, Jaylen Brantley and Damonte Dodd began posting videos of their running man performances in new, unusual settings.

Oh yeahh!!! wassup wit it ? @jaybriddle_1 add my snap: jnickkk

A video posted by Jared Nickens (@jnickens_) on

Like an infectious disease, it continued to spread from there. Here's the UConn women's basketball team getting in on the fun:

Papi Le Batard:

Rutgers football:

Jacksonville Jaguars:

Kyrie Irving:

And now, Rob Gronkowski and his brothers:

So if you're waiting for the #RunningManChallenge to die out as a fad, don't get your hopes up. This one's still on the upswing.

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