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Pete Davidson's comedy career is going smoother than his baseball career ever did. The Staten Island native, who grew up a Yankees fan, had struggles putting the ball in play. As for acting, the 22-year-old is in his second season as a featured player on Saturday Night Live. Davidson talked to ThePostGame about his Bronx Bombers' affection, why he knows Lorne Michaels believes in him and how good Kenan Thompson's David Ortiz impression is. He spoke on behalf of Pepsi's "Earn Your Pinstripes" campaign.

ThePostGame: Rain postponed your trip to Opening Day at Yankee Stadium. What's the equivalent of a rainout in comedy?
PETE DAVIDSON: I guess bombing and not getting any laughs at all would be equivalent.

TPG: Did you go to a lot of Staten Island Yankee games growing up?
DAVIDSON: I went to a bunch of Staten Island Yankee games and always had a really good time when I was younger, and now, when you go, you kind of just go to go. I think I got to play there. When you finish Staten Island Little League, they let you play. I'm pretty sure I played there. Or I was there when someone was playing that wasn't the Staten Island Yankees.

Pete Davidson

TPG: How good were you at baseball?
DAVIDSON: Awful. I batted maybe .030 my whole entire life, and then my last game, my coach was like, you should just switch. My coach was like just bat lefty. Who cares? You're not gonna get a hit anyway. Then I went 4-for-4. So I was a lefty the whole time.

TPG: You put some balls in play at batting practice with the Marlins last year.
DAVIDSON: Yeah, I'm not that bad.

TPG: Why did you give up after that 4-for-4 game?
DAVIDSON: I was more of a basketball guy and I was still chasing that dream. Then my freshman year of basketball, the smallest guy won the tip against our team and I quit.

TPG: Why'd you become a Yankee fan?
DAVIDSON: It's either a Yankee fan or a Met fan when you grow up in New York and why would you pick the Mets when they're not good? You go with the team that wins. So I picked the Yankees.

TPG: What'd you think of Met fans growing up?
DAVIDSON: I felt really bad for Mets fans. I don't know why you would be a Met fan if you grow up in New York and have the choice. It's like, do you want to be upset all the time?

TPG: I grew up a Yankee fan, so I'm with you.
DAVIDSON: Yeah, because you're a smart person.

TPG: Before your dad passed away, did you have that connection with the Yankees?
DAVIDSON: Yeah, my dad always liked the Yankees and he actually got me a Derek Jeter ball in 2000. One time, we got to sit close and Paul O'Neill was warming up. My dad was yelled over to Paul to come take a picture with me and he did. That was like my first Yankee game and I was like, "Sick."

Pete Davidson Yankees

TPG: In terms of SNL, who is one baseball player you'd love to do an impression of?
DAVIDSON: I'd love to do an impression of Albert Pujols, but that's never gonna happen. I think Albert Pujols is really funny. They ask him, like, "What do you do?" And he's like, "I hit the ball really far."

TPG: What do you think of Kenan's David Ortiz impression?
DAVIDSON: One of the best impressions I've ever seen in my life. It's amazing. It's one of the funniest things ever.

TPG: Do you think it's lost its course or it only gets better?
DAVIDSON: It only gets better. It's one of those things that will never get old. Like 2 Chainz. It never gets old.

TPG: Has anyone from the Rubio camp reached out about your Marco Rubio impression?
DAVIDSON: I actually heard that Marco Rubio himself does not like my impression of him. I got confirmation from the show that Marco Rubio does not appreciate Pete Davidson's impression.

TPG: But don't you feel like you made him look like a nice, young guy?
DAVIDSON: Yeah, I didn't even do an impression of him. I just made crazy eyes because he has crazy eyes.

TPG: Do you expect Hulk Hogan to reach out to you in the near future?
DAVIDSON: I hope Hulk Hogan reaches out to me. That's why I did the [Weekend] Update. I hope he's very upset.

TPG: Why'd you delete your Twitter?
DAVIDSON: I deleted my Twitter because every time I tweeted, I felt like I was losing money.

TPG: What are some of the resident young person you do off the set at SNL?
DAVIDSON: I guess I'm just very immature and they're all adults. I'm like riding around on hoverboards while people are trying to write sketches at their job. I guess that's pretty annoying.

TPG: In a recent Rolling Stone interview, you said you are trying to grow up and take out the pot jokes in your comedy routine. Is that growing up or just changing a little bit?
DAVIDSON: I'm never going to grow up. I'll always be immature and stuff. As far as the material, I feel like last year I got kind of labeled as a pothead. I am, but that's not the joke. Does that make sense?

TPG: Yes.
DAVIDSON: I have jokes, but it's not because I'm a pothead. So I made it my mission this year to have different topics to talk about.

TPG: What is the weirdest thing a celebrity host has said to you?
DAVIDSON: "You're funny."

TPG: Who specifically said that?
DAVIDSON: No ... you know what the funniest thing was ... The Rock. When I did the sketch with The Rock where we did the standing 69, he came up to me and was like, you ready to suck each other's ... And I was like, yes?

TPG: Who was your SNL idol growing up?
DAVIDSON: Adam Sandler. I always thought he was so likeable. He'd read the phonebook and I would laugh. I also thought he was brilliant.

TPG: If you could have anyone host SNL with the musical guest, who would it be?
DAVIDSON: Musical guest would be Kid Cudi. My dream host is Joel Kinnaman from The Killing and Suicide Squad (and House of Cards). I think he's the coolest actor ever, but I don't know if that will ever happen. That's my dream show.

TPG: What's your dream sketch?
DAVIDSON: I would like to get a character before I get fired from that place. That's definitely my dream before I get let go.

TPG: What does Lorne Michaels think of you?
DAVIDSON: I think we have a pretty good relationship. I think we get along very nicely. He looks out for me because I'm not a typical cast member, meaning I have no talent and I've just been myself in everything, so he's been very nice about letting me stay.

TPG: When celebrities come on, do you think they realize how young you are?
DAVIDSON: I think they think I'm somebody's son. They think I'm Lorne's son or I'm just shadowing somebody. But I've never been treated like a young guy. Everyone's been very respectful and nice, which is nice.

TPG: Who's your favorite baseball player of all time?
DAVIDSON: Derek Jeter. Favorite current, Brett Gardner.

Johnny Damon Pete Davidson

TPG: Have you met Derek Jeter?
DAVIDSON: I have met Derek Jeter a handful of times and every single time, I have creamed in my pants.

TPG: Has he been with Hannah Davis any of those times?
DAVIDSON: Yes, he has. I'm a big fan of his gift basket-sending.

TPG: Have you ever gotten a gift basket?
DAVIDSON: No, I have not gotten a gift basket from Derek Jeter, but one day it will happen.

TPG: What would be in the Pete Davidson gift basket?
DAVIDSON: A note that says, "Sorry." (Laughs) "Sorry and thank you for your time."

TPG: When does the comedy tour start?
DAVIDSON: My comedy tour starts June 10 at Bonnaroo and it ends June 26 in Minneapolis. And you can get tickets at

TPG: What city are you most excited for?
DAVIDSON: I'm very excited to go to Chicago. I've always wanted to do that New York-Chicago pizza battle thing.

TPG: Anything else on the Yankees and Pepsi?
DAVIDSON: Please let everybody know Pepsi is celebrating the Yankees this season with the #EarnYourPinstripes contest. Use that hashtag on Instagram on Twitter to be a part of the game.

Working with Pepsi, Davidson and former Yankee Johnny Damon challenged fans on the streets of New York City to earn their pinstripes. A few lucky New Yorkers got the chance to travel to Opening Day with the comedian and outfielder.

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