Nate Burleson

The 2016 NFL schedule came out Thursday, so we can finally start fantasizing about football this fall.

But before we put the cap on 2015 and the Denver Broncos' championship season, former wide receiver Nate Burleson, currently an NFL Network analyst, wants to sum up last year. And he uses an original rap music video (with a lot of dabbing) to do so:

The best quotes:

--"Peyton Manning gave us 18 years of ball. Thank you, Sheriff, but now, who will uphold the law?"
--"Russell Wilson second-tier? Nah, Mike [Pettine], he better. Passer rating ice cold, like what he bought Ciara."
--"Big Ben and Antonio, them boys the truth. He throw it up like, what can Brown do for you?"
--"Kobe, C-Wood and Lynch leaving the game, let's just say 24 will never be the same."

There are other gems on this track too. Nice job by the 34-year-old former Viking, Seahawk, Lion and Brown.

Burleson's rap name is "New Balance," which makes sense based on his initials -- but he's wearing Nike in this video. Awkward.

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