105-Year-Old Rangers Fan

Elizabeth Sullivan's long, happy life got a little happier this week, when the Texas Rangers invited her to throw out the first pitch of Wednesday's game.

That's what happens when you're 105 years old and a devoted fan of the local baseball team. Another fact of life at that age: Everyone wants to know how you did it.

Sullivan has at least one suggestions to anyone hoping to extend their lives. All you have to do is drink three Dr. Peppers every day.

Just as impressive as Sullivan's Dr. Pepper habit is her relationship with the sales rep who takes her to the game. Kirk Conger has been bringing her to the ballpark since she turned 100, and as Sullivan puts it, he always takes care of her, even taking her home when she gets tired in the middle of the game.

Conger's invite was Sullivan's first visit to a Rangers game in person. Naturally, she found a way to make it onto the field.

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