Kris Bryant

The Mesa Community College baseball team had its world rocked Thursday. Although the Thunderbirds have the most wins in their conference, coach Anthony Cirelli brought in a new player. European transfer Roy Nabryt arrived in Arizona.

"He's a big donkey, he's got crazy power," Cirelli told his team. "He can help us. ... If he gets us to Oklahoma for the World Series and we win another ring, no one's going to be complaining."

What Cirelli did not tell his team was that Nabryt was actually Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant in disguise.

Bryant, taking some time off from Spring Training, played the charade for as long as he could. Eventually, he started blasting home runs in batting practice and the players figured it out.

Also, for the record, Roy is short for "Rookie of the Year" and Nabryt is "Bryant" jumbled up.

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