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Getting locked out of your house is frustrating, no matter who you are. But other factors can brew a real nightmare.

So imagine J.J. Watt, a mighty body locked out from a humble cabin. In the woods. In freezing weather. Armed with nothing but his cell phone and a great sense of humor.

What would you do? If you had Watt's body, maybe you resolve to break into the cabin by force. Instead, the Houston Texans star chose to record a video journey of his harrowing adventure.

Here it is, in all its glory:

To quickly summarize Watt's struggle, it begins with him being locked out, calling the spare key guy, and remarking on the temperature: a balmy 18 degrees. Watt sticks it out in the cold before realizing he can get inside his barn, which is a real breakthrough in this survival story.

The barn temperature is 64 degrees, so all trouble seems to be averted. Until: Watt becomes hungry. And not just for hay or livestock, which would also be a problem since J.J. Watt's barn has almost nothing in common with the traditional barns of rural America. No, he craves breakfast food.

But that's not an option, so he turns to Gatorade and beer, and watches Married With Children on his barn television -- lucky guy.

Eventually, Watt becomes tired. He wants a nap, but can't afford to fall asleep because then he might miss the spare key guy. With the outdoor temp spiking to 21 degrees, he opts for a little winter sunbathing.

Finally, the key arrives, and Watt can return to normal life -- which, if his barn is any indication, is absolutely nothing like real life for the rest of us.

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