Tim Tebow, Ellen DeGeneres

Tim Tebow visited The Ellen Show on Wednesday, and he spilled all kinds of details that Tebow fans are dying to hear.

First in foremost: No, he hasn't given up on his dreams of playing in the NFL. Yes, he's still working out -- in fact, he thinks he's in the best shape of his life.

And for ladies, an important PSA: Tebow is single and ready to mingle. He outlined what he's looking for.

"Well, obviously someone I'm extremely attracted to, but I think that there has to be more there," he said. "There has to be depth. Obviously, you have to have similar beliefs. You have to have chemistry, character. But there has to be something more than just glitz and glamour."

Prepare your resumes.

Tebow also said that he has a rooting interest in both Super Bowl teams, since he used to be a Denver Bronco and played in college with Carolina's Cam Newton, who was Tebow's backup at Florida before transferring. Ultimately, though, Tebow would like to see Denver win, in part to see Peyton Manning win a Super Bowl.

When Ellen asked if this was Manning's last game, Tebow replied: "If he wins."

Here's Tebow discussing his hopes of returning to the football field:

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