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The first picture of Blake Griffin's broken hand have emerged in the wake of his fight with a team employee. From the looks of it, he definitely messed himself up.

Not only is the hand still badly swollen -- it looks cartoonish next to his healthy hand -- but there's also a long scar on the back of it.

It's hard to tell, but it looks like much more than a superficial scratch. TMZ shared the photo on Twitter:

Griffin has apologized, but it's little consolation to the team, which hasn't been shy about expressing its frustration with their star forward. On top of that, the league is looking into Griffin's fight and might suspend him for the altercation.

So that's at least 4-6 weeks for the hand to heal, and then another undetermined length of time for a suspension. Advice to all you youngsters: Don't punch your friends, especially when you work together.

Meanwhile, the Clippers are 15-4 without Griffin, leading some to speculate that they might be better off without him. It's a small sample, so hard to tell, but if he comes back and the team regresses, it could set him up for a move this offseason.

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