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His team didn't make the playoffs, but Eli Manning made a huge contribution to Super Bowl 50 in an expected way: By becoming meme fodder for the entire Internet.

As his brother's team scored a touchdown late in the game that all but sealed a Broncos championship, the entire Manning family suite erupted in applause -- except for Eli, who looked as sad as ever.

Viewers quickly made the half-joking assumption that he was dismayed by brother Peyton's success. Peyton was en route to winning his second Super Bowl, which would tie him with Eli, which was one of the few measurable ways in which Eli had an upper hand on his big bro.

But TMZ caught up with Eli in the airport, and he insists he wasn't glum.

"I was just focused on whether they'd go for two and the defense had to step up and make some stops," Eli says.

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Eli makes a fair point -- the game wasn't completely over, even if many people assumed it was. This revelation is sure to disappoint fans of the Manning family and its genetic resting sad face.

But while Peyton is likely to ride off into the sunset, we still have several years of Eli's frowns to carry us on through.

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