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Did your parents ever bribe you with money or candy to get you potty-trained? Well, in a strange way, you have something in common with NHL hockey players.

Sure, those athletes have long-been potty trained -- as far as we know. But they've also displayed poor habits in locker rooms and at team facilities that have inspired some of the strangers rules you'll see applied to grown men.

As a recent Sports Illustrated article reveals, NHL teams for years have operated through a system of "kangaroo courts" in which players themselves set the rules, and the fines, and even handle collection of those fines. The report cites "players from a dozen NHL teams" who anonymously spilled the secrets of the odd regulations players set for themselves.

One of the more bizarre rules: a $500 fine for failing to flush the toilet.

"If you don't flush when you're at the s----er and you leave something in there, that's a $500 fine," one veteran tells SI. "And guys take it seriously. We only have three s----ers at home and on the road, maybe only two in the locker room, so you make sure it's always nice and clean in there."

It doesn't end there. Brad May, a former forward for the Buffalo Sabres, once bought a suitcase with wheels on the bottom. Veterans saw the purchase, decided he was too young to have any luggage with wheels, and fined him $100. He had no choice but to pay.

There are more reasonable offenses: tardiness to meetings, dress-code violations, etc. But one team also instituted a rule against eating apples in the hot tub.

We're still waiting for the full story behind that one.

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