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While hosting Saturday Night Live last week, Ronda Rousey said Holly Holm "deserved to win" their title fight late last year.

SNL is one of many things Rousey has going on during her hiatus from the UFC, so fighting -- at least temporarily -- is on the back-burner. She hasn't re-watched the fight yet, and according to her coach, it's possible she never will.

In an interview with ESPN, Edmond Tarverdyan said it's all a matter of whether or not it's relevant to watch the fight.

"It's not about wanting to watch, it's about whether or not the timing is right or if it's even necessary," he said.

"I know Ronda very well. She doesn't need to watch that fight. The fight is over. It's about what we're doing now. It's my job to watch the footage and I'm dedicating everything I have to Ronda's rematch with Holly."

Tarverdyan also placed blame for Rousey's loss on himself. He expressed regret for building a fight strategy that put Rousey at a disadvantage.

"Our job wasn't to prove she’s a better boxer, which I [still] believe Ronda could box with anybody in the world," he told ESPN.

Those comments put together suggest that Rousey's rematch with Holm will have a much different look. Instead of trying to beat her standing up, Rousey may lean more into her judo background and bring the fight to the ground.

If that's the case, it makes sense why video of their first fight may not be useful -- if the strategy is completely changed, there's little to learn from the first matchup.

Tarverdyan said he wants four months of training from the conclusion of Rousey filming the "Road House" remake, and that a variety of fight consultants may be brought in to make sure her strategy and fighting condition is at its best.

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