Michael Sam

Much of Michael Sam's football career has been tied to the state of Missouri. Even after he was crowned the SEC Defensive Player of the Year at the University of Missouri, Sam was drafted by the St. Louis Rams. He became the first openly gay player ever selected in the NFL Draft.

Now, the Rams are on their way out of the Show-Me State. Sam was asked about the Rams' move, and he was ready with some humorous suggestions.

Sam cites a fictional conversation with Rams owner Stan Kroenke:

"So, here's the thing," Sam says. "I was talking to Stan Kroenke and said we're going to change the name of the team. We're gonna call it the L.A. Samsonites. And Caitlyn Jenner's gonna be the head coach, so I know for sure I'm gonna be on the damn team. It’s a done deal."

Sam has never played an NFL regular-season game. He did become the first openly gay player to participate in a Canadian Football League game.

When talking to TMZ, Sam also said he would love to play "anywhere" if an NFL team will have him. But the prospect of that occurring grows less likely the longer he's out of the league.

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