Gregg Popovich

Monday night's Warriors-Spurs mega-showdown between the NBA's two top teams was a letdown. The Warriors won in blowout fashion, 120-90, and neither team's starters saw much action in the second half.

For the Warriors, Stephen Curry was in top shape, scoring 37 points in 28 minutes. For the Spurs, Gregg Popovich was on his game. The coach was full of sarcasm and jokes in his postgame media availability.

That's Pop joking, "We almost got 'em."

He then pokes fun at the Cleveland Cavaliers, saying, "I'm glad my general manager wasn't in my locker room or I might've gotten fired."

Former Cavs coach David Blatt was fired last week, just days after losing by 34 to the Warriors. Cleveland had a 30-11 record, at the time, and was in first place in the Eastern Conference.

This is Pop's 20th season in San Antonio. The five-time NBA championship-winning coach still has his job at time of publication (and a lot of sass).

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