Chris Long

Chris Long did what any good St. Louis-turning-Los Angeles Ram would do on Wednesday. He bought a Powerball ticket.

But Long did so in disguise. He went under the alias Rod Carriker and did a TV interview (somewhere between filming and producing, he was identified and correctly captioned on the news).

Under his name, Long is labeled "Hopeful Powerball Player."

The spot aired on NBC 29 Charlottesville. Long, 30, went to high school in Charlottesville and attended the University of Virginia before becoming the second overall pick by the Rams in the 2008 NFL Draft.

Finally made the television at home

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What Rod intends to do with the cash

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Chris Long didn't win the lottery, but he did accomplish something new: Getting interviewed on the local news. He plays football on national TV every fall, but who cares about that?

Long now moves from St. Louis to Los Angeles, the latter of which his father, Howie, starred in. Howie spent 12 of his 13 seasons with the Raiders playing in Los Angeles. Chris was born in Santa Monica.

Chris thanked St. Louis on social media earlier this week:

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