Beer can at Bengals game

Cincinnati's failure in composure and class was not limited to the football field. After two consecutive personal-foul penalties advanced the Steelers 30 yards upfield, setting up what would be the game-winning field goal with seconds left to play, Bengals fans were as volatile as the players.

Vontaze Burfict had been flagged for an illegal hit on a defenseless receiver, when he delivered a head shot to Antonio Brown on an incomplete pass. In the frustrated moments afterward, cornerback Adam Jones received an additional personal foul for apparently bumping an official while moving toward and talking trash with Pittsburgh linebackers coach Joey Porter.

Once Cincinnati's last-second efforts to score came up short, all bets were off in the stands. As the Cincinnati Enquirer reports, things got very ugly, very fast: Six arrests were made, including one of a Bengals fan who fought another fan in the row in front of him before proceeding to urinate on him.

"Martin Cooke, 33, of Germantown, Kentucky, was arrested after police said he urinated on the person in front of him in Paul Brown Stadium," per the paper. "Cooke, who wore a Bengals hoodie, is accused of fighting with the man and punching him in the face, court documents state. He is facing disorderly conduct and assault charges."

The first arrest of the day, though, occurred before kickoff outside the stadium. A 19-year-old male began arguing with a woman over cutting in line to enter the stadium, and he allegedly stole her Bengals hat. The male fan, who was wearing a Bengals jersey, threw the hat away. The two fans and their friend groups were separated only to find each other in the stadium, when they discovered they were seated by each other.

That led to the 19-year-old man punching the woman in the head and dropping her to the ground.

Since 2010, Steelers games at Cincinnati's home stadium had accounted for a total of four arrests -- until Saturday, anyway. But with the stakes higher than ever and the Bengals sabotaged by their lack of composure, police had their hands full.

Cincinnati, the Paris of southwest Ohio.

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