Gilbert Arenas

Somebody must have introduced Gilbert Arenas to our good friend Sepp Blatter. The retired NBA star has something in common with the suspended president of FIFA: a penchant for horribly sexist remarks regarding female athletes.

Just as Blatter did for women's soccer, Arenas is now offering some tips to increase male interest in the WNBA. In an Istagram post that features a scantily-clad woman, he declares his desire for a more sex-forward WNBA brand that features less clothing and more "cutie pies":

"NOW this is what america was hoping for when they announced the #WNBA back in 1996… not a bunch of chicks running around looking like,cast members from#orangeisthenewblack," writes Arenas, typos included. "Dont get me wrong,they have few #cutiepies but theres a whole alotta #beanpies running around hahahahahaha if #skylardigginscame out like this,I dont care if she missed every layup..imma buy season tickets and I dont even know where the f*** #tulsa is hahahaha#2016newwnbaoutfitPLS

"and if u think this is sexist,9 times out of 10 u the ugly one and we didnt pay to come see u play anyway #donkeykong …smdh#thiswillbeawesome."

In case you're struggling to make sense of that, the thesis of Arenas's comments is: The WNBA needs more sexy women, it's not sexist to be sexist, and where is Tulsa?

The full post is below. Warning: It's slightly NSFW.

Tulsa's in Oklahoma, Gilbert. It's not that hard.

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