Eric Weddle did what seemed like the logical thing: With his daughter performing at halftime of the Chargers' home game, the father stayed to watch the show take place.

Most could forgive the Pro Bowl safety for this one absence. Not the San Diego Chargers, though: Weddle's agent, David Canter, revealed on Twitter that the team fined him $10,000 for staying on the field during halftime.

What's worse, the fine underscores a strained relationship between Weddle and the franchise, one that could affect his future with the team.

Canter also reported that the team placed Weddle on injured reserve for the team's final game at Denver, even though other injured players haven't been given that designation. After placing him on IR, the team announced that IR players wouldn't travel to the game, as is typically customary, because the team's flight couldn't accommodate everyone.

It's certainly not the sort of behavior you see in amicable relationships, and it might mean Weddle's time with the franchise is nearing an end. If true, it's a disappointing end for a guy who has been one of the franchise's best players in recent years -- and even if Weddle does stick with the team, it's no fun to see a franchise treating a two-time first-team All-Pro player that way.

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