Dennis Schröder

Hawks guard Dennis Schröder slammed his head into Trail Blazers center Meyers Leonard's knee Monday night. Schröder's tooth popped out. Then Schröder tucked the tooth into his sock.

Talk about commitment. Why is Schröder so worried about the tooth? If he's worried enough about losing his tooth, how can he stay focused enough to continue playing the game?

Schröder, 22, must believe in the tooth fairy. There's no other explanation for stuffing one of his teeth in a sock while running up and down a hardwood floor.

Check out the close-ups:

Don't ever question Dennis Schröder's drive. The German played 17 minutes last night and would not let a lost body part stop him.

The Hawks won, 106-97. Schröder collected 18 points, and maybe a little something from the tooth fairy, too.

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