Dana White isn't worried about Ronda Rousey's starpower dimming in the wake of her first career loss. If anything, the UFC president thinks losing will make Rousey an even bigger star.

Speaking on ESPN's First Take, White believes Rousey's arc as a celebrity is similar to another famous fighter: Mike Tyson.

"It's funny because we were comparing her to Tyson, who had this invincibility,"White says. "She was a Tyson. It was never more true than when she lost. Because when she lost, everybody was shocked. A hundred million people were talking about it on social media. And I actually think that Ronda Rousey is bigger now after the loss than she was before the fight. And there's gonna be a rematch."

White says there's no pressure for Rousey to return anytime soon. She had already committed to a hiatus before her fight against Holly Holm, and she isn't expected to return until next summer.

But make no mistake: White has his sights set on a rematch.

"[We] should lose our promoter's license and never be allowed to promote another fight again if we don't make this rematch," White says. "But you have to give Ronda the time. When Ronda's ready to come back, there's literally no pressure on her whatsoever to think about anything as far as fighting goes."

White also said Rousey was given another medical inspection in Las Vegas, and she is physically fine. All that's left is for Rousey to tend to her other business matters, and gear up for an eventual title fight against Holm.

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