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After Stephen Curry dropped 53 points on Saturday, he returned to the Bay Area with Sunday off. Curry spent the day with his family at the Sunvalley Mall in Concord, California.

Going to a shopping center as the reigning MVP, and defending NBA champion, is not exactly the recipe for a lazy Sunday. So Curry went in disguise, making up for missing out on Halloween the night before.

His costume? A zebra.

For those who played MLB Slugfest back in the day, wasn't this a cheat code?

Curry's cover was eventually blown. Even without his baby face, most Bay Area fans can recognize Curry's 6-foot-3, 185-pound frame. Besides, who else could have such fresh Under Armour sneakers (they must be Under Armour, right? Or is he pulling a James Harden)?

Stephen abandoned the hat and set the Bay Area paparazzi afire.


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As for what Curry missed on Halloween, Ayesha posted an Instagram photo of Ryan dressed in Riley's old costume.

In the grand scheme of Stephen Curry's life, getting recognized at the mall is a problem he will have to tolerate. Other than that, things are pretty good.

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