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Ronda Rousey has spent a lot of time in front of cameras and giving interviews for much of the past year. Now, she's ready to give up the limelight for a while after her match Saturday against Holly Holm.

Ronda Rousey

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Rousey explained that, with her next fight not scheduled until next summer, she's looking forward to some time away from constant media attention.

"I'm selling a product and I have to be out there; I don't have the option not to be, but after this fight, I'm definitely going to let some people miss me, for sure," Rousey says. "Believe me, there's nothing I would like to do more than disappear for a while. I would like to wait until UFC 200 to fight again."

Rousey's break from fighting won't land her on the couch watching daytime television. Rather, she has a slate of feature film projects coming up: A remake of the cult classic "Road House," in which she will play Patrick Swayze's iconic role, as well as a biopic about her own life in which Rousey will play herself.

The MMA star is also slated to appear in an action thrilled called "Mile 22," in which she will co-star with Mark Wahlberg.

According to IMDB, that film is slated for a 2016 release and is currently in pre-production.

"I'm going to be filming [movies] in the meantime, so I'm still going to be keeping busy," Rousey says. "When I'm filming it's kind of weird, I'm on camera the whole time, but nothing really goes out until a year or two later. It is kind of like disappearing in a way."

Rousey's defense of her bantamweight title against Holm at UFC 193 in Australia is expected to set an attendance record of roughly 70,000. Vegas has pegged her as a -2,000 favorite, meaning bettors will only get 50 cents back for every $10 they put on Rousey to win.

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