Conor McGregor

Ronda Rousey is no fan of Donald Trump -- and now the feeling is mutual. After Trump tried to claim her as a supporter -- which Rousey adamantly denied, throwing her weight behind Bernie Sanders -- Trump was feeling sore about the UFC fighter.

So when Rousey lost her title to Holly Holm at UFC 193, Trump was thrilled:

Other people criticized Rousey as well, but mainly for her decision to not touch gloves with Holm before the fight. Trump's tweet didn't sit well with the most popular men's UFC fighter, Conor McGregor. When asked by TMZ Sports for a response, he criticized Trump for the cheap shot before saying what he really thinks about the Republican presidential candidate.

"It's easy for someone that's not in there to comment, but it's different when you're in there," McGregor said. "The emotions are high. It is what it is. You either want to touch gloves or you don't. That means nothing, so Donald can shut his big, fat mouth. I don't give a f*** about Donald Trump."

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