Josh Rosen

It's safe to say Josh Rosen has managed the transition from high school to college. UCLA's freshman quarterback is looking sharp on the field, and off the field he's already achieved what most college quarterbacks only dream of.

That is, if the dream is a hot tub set-up in your dorm room. And in case you're wondering: Yes, that's the dream.

There's only one problem with Rosen's situation: UCLA found out about the hot tub, and notified him that it violates dormitory rules.

The school was tipped off when Rosen posted this video to Instagram:

Power moves

A video posted by Josh Rosen (@josh3rosen) on

"Furnishings which are not officially designated as part of a residential room's accessories may not be moved into any resident's room at any time," said Bruins associate media director Ricardo Vazquez to TMZ.

So Rosen's portable hot tub was kicked to the curb, and now he has to live like a caveman without a hot tub within arm's length of his dorm-room bed. Maybe Rosen can file for a waiver claiming the hot tub's health benefits, because that's definitely what he was using it for.

What, you think he'd use it to fraternize with the opposite sex?

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