Toronto Blue Jays Fans

Toronto's Rogers Centre has been an absolute madhouse since the MLB trade deadline, when Blue Jays fans saw the light to the postseason. The Blue Jays won 53 games at home this season, most in the American League. But for Game 3 of the American League Championship Series, there are some changes in its beer policy.

After the Rangers scored one of the craziest runs in MLB history on a deflected throw back to the pitcher, Blue Jays fans reacted by uncorking food and drinks onto the field. Players had to come out of the dugout to persuade fans to stop the onslaught. A 33-year-old was arrested for spraying beer on a baby.

Rogers Centre is doing what it can to make the venue a safer place. Gravity suggests the most dangerous of beer-can throwers sit in the 500-level, Toronto's highest section. Beer sales in this area will now come in plastic cups.

Canada has only itself to blame.

The Blue Jays come home down 0-2 to the defending AL champion Kansas City Royals.

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