Rob Gronkowski

Believe it or not, Rob Gronkowski was once a 5-year-old. We know because we have this video of Kid Gronk smashing a piñata.

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski -Gronk has had hands since Day 1. He was more concerned with candy than footballs when he was younger though.

Posted by NFL on CBS on Thursday, October 29, 2015

Think back to when you were five. You probably wanted to hit the piñata. Every kid wants to be the person who breaks the piñata. No one likes to take turns.

Gronk's classmates just stand back (some in horror) and let him go to work like Patriots receivers on the goal line. Even when playing piñata, it is more fun to watch Gronk.

The best part of this video, promoting Thursday night's Patriots-Dolphins game, is when the teacher holds the piñata up and dumps out the candy. Gronk, the giant 5-year-old, catches a chunk of the candy before the other students even have a chance. They might as well be AFC East linebackers. He already had tight end hands back then.

Honestly though, he should have spiked the piñata.

Gronk is now 26, and far more physically developed, but that inner 5-year-old still comes out to play a lot.

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